Tuesday, March 6, 2007

Wade Davis in the Himalayas of Nepal

Buddhism asks the fundamental question: What is life and what is the point of existence? Wade Davis goes on an anthropological and spiritual journey into the Himalayas of Nepal to learn the deepest lesson of Buddhist practice. Parts of this documentary feature H.H.Trulshik Rinpoche and Matthieu Ricard. A journey to the ancient Inca’s sacred Andean peaks, wayfinders in Polynesia, a spiritual odyssey in the Himalayas of Nepal and vanishing ice’s impact on Inuit life in the Arctic are all explored by Canada’s only National Geographic Explorer-in-Residence Wade Davis in the four-part documentary series “Light at The Edge of The World” airing weekly, beginning February 7, 2007 on the National Geographic Channel.

Profile Wade Davis.

“You know, the year that I was born, there were six thousand languages spoken on earth,” says anthropologist and ethnobotanist Wade Davis, at the beginning of the 90th Parallel’s four part series Light at the Edge of the World.

“And of the six thousand languages spoken on earth, fully half aren’t being taught to children, which means, that effectively, unless something changes, they’re dead.”
“Half of humanity’s repertoire will be lost in a generation or two…an unprecedented pace of change.
I don’t think this has to happen.”- Wade Davis

Of immovable objects I am the Himalayas….

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